the backshore by Evelyn Fitzgerald
Green-Wood Cemetery by Evelyn Fitzgerald
Havana 2002 by Evelyn Fitzgerald

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Evelyn Fitzgerald ~ Biography

I've been a photographer for over thirty years. My interests in architecture, gardening, history, and jazz have led me to document and interpret Havana, New York City community gardens, jazz walls, the dunes of Provincetown, and, most recently, Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn.

My earlier work was often in color. But most recently I'm using a medium format camera, a Mamiya 7, and shooting exclusively in black and white. I print my photos on silver gelatin paper. I feel that black and white is the best expression of the mood and mystery of a subject.

I was born in Chicago and moved with my family to California when I was fourteen. My father, who was a painter, and my teachers encouraged my attempts at drawing.

Fascinated with the idea of New York City, I went there looking for excitement and artistic companions, instead of going to college. It was the late 50's and Cedar Bar, the Five Spot, and Provincetown, where DeKooning, Franz Kline, Rothko were holding forth, was the scene I found myself in. I tried sculpting, drawing, and writing, and still was not comfortable with an art form. I met my first husband in this milieu and we went to California, where I had two children, a girl and a boy.

More than ever I wanted a means of expression and went to Long Beach City College, where ultimately I studied photography. It was a perfect fit. My marriage ended and I wanted the stimulation of New York City again, so in 1978 my son and I moved back, first to Westchester, where I met my second husband. We moved to Nyack, New York, in 1999.

Currently I am serving on the boards of Historical Society of the Nyacks and am a former board membef of the Friends of the Nyacks.